Barotseland: A Cultural Tapestry Facing Climate Change

I remember sitting around the fire as a child, listening to the elders tell stories of our ancestors, the Lozi people. They spoke of the rich history and cultural heritage that defines Barotseland, our ancestral homeland. But today, our cultural tapestry is facing a formidable challenge – climate change.

In my journey as a climate justice advocate, I’ve witnessed how the traditions, practices, and stories that have been passed down through generations are under threat. Rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns are affecting our agricultural practices, and the once predictable Zambezi River has become increasingly unpredictable.

But the resilience of the Lozi people shines through. We are adapting to new challenges, learning to preserve our culture while embracing sustainable solutions. The spirit of Barotseland remains strong, and we are determined to pass on our rich cultural heritage to future generations.

Join my journey.